A Manifesto of Sorts: Why a Dad Blog?

So why another dad blog now? Now because we see that the conversation has evolved. Where as a dad blog started 5 years ago would be about fighting the stereotype of the bumbling dad who can’t change a diaper or make a meal without setting himself on fire, now we can go further. We can explore this topic with more nuance. The involved dad is no longer a fad or even a movement. - it is a fact. We don’t have to write posts like, “Why you should help raise your child”, and instead we can get into more detail like, “How to talk to your kids about sexism”. We want to turn, “go ask your dad” from code for “don’t bother me” to code for “go find out what my parenting partner thinks about that particular situation.”

Woman and men are different. We approach things differently and respond in different ways. Why a dad blog? Because we want to share how men can approach a parenting obstacle too. We want to offer another solution - not necessarily a better solution. I once heard a beautiful description of how our political process is supposed to work: each party (democrat and republican) is supposed to offer distinct solutions to the problems that our nation faces. We can then choose the best approach or work together to best address those issues.

Now politics rarely work out so wonderfully and part of that is that it can be difficult to agree on what the problem is or if there is a problem in the first place. But with parenting, we do hope that having a dad solution and a mom solution to choose from (not to discriminate against non nuclear family constructs) benefits everyone. We want to join in on this conversation now because we're ready to add to this awesome discussion. We're excited for this and we hope you are too.