What's Hot in July: a few things i'm into right now

One of the benefits of having a Dad blog is that I can share with others some of the things that I think are worth sharing. Now, whether or not you run out and experience those things is up to you. I'd like to think I have good, trustworthy taste but... I'm not without bias. Here are some of my "hot" finds.

Revisionist History - a new podcast by Malcolm Gladwell

My wife (West Coast Mom) LOVES podcasts. She listens to them A LOT and she learns a ton of interesting facts from them (which she then shares with me). I also enjoy podcasts but I don't listen to them as often. Some of my favorites are This American Life, RadioLab and the Bill Simmons podcast. The podcast is a wonderful medium for diving deeper into topics and engaging interviews.

from www.revisionisthistory.com

from www.revisionisthistory.com

The new podcast, Revisionist History, is by the popular author Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell is best known for his books Tipping Point, Outliers, and Blink - all books that examine everyday questions from a sociology and psychology perspective. This is also the premise for the new podcast. It looks back at a historical event with new questions and new theories. One of the episodes that I found especially interesting was one that explored Wilt Chamberlain's free throw shooting. I won't spoil it but it looks further into why people sometimes do the wrong thing even when they know how to do the right thing and even when they know that they are making the wrong choice. People are complicated and that is why this podcast has plenty of fodder for future episodes. Check it out!

Stranger Things - a new series on Netflix

Oh man, this new show really hits a lot of my particular buttons. I've only watched a few of the episodes so far but I'm liking it for sure. If you are in your mid 30's now, like me, you probably grew up watching movies like the Lost Boys, Goonies, E.T. and The Monster Squad. In all of these movies, and in Stranger Things, a group of outcast kids find themselves as the heroes. Set in the 80's, the show is filmed in such a way that you'd never know it was a brand new show from the looks of it. But despite the nostalgia in tone and look, the overall show doesn't feel dated. It is modern story telling in an 80's style. Does that make sense? If not, just check out the show! On a side note, If you're going to cast Matthew Modine just to turn him into Ted Danson, why not just cast Ted Danson?

5 Stones Coffee Co - a new coffee shop in Redmond, WA

Coffee is beautiful. I'm not just talking about fancy latte art (although I have a friend who can work magic in that foam) but just the sweet nectar of the gods in its purest form is gorgeous. It is the fuel needed for function and I am just glad to have more great coffee in my home town of Redmond, WA. 5 Stones Coffee Co has recently joined in on the Downtown Redmond revitalization efforts (or if you prefer, the hipsterization of the city). I had the Missile and it was very good. Looking forward to testing them out with my usual order of a black Americano. 

Samsung Gear VR - Mind Blowing Tech w/ Potential

So you know what's great about writing a Father's Day Gift Guide for your blog? Your wife reads it and gets you one of the items from the guide! The West Coast Mom Singular went ahead and bought me the Samsung Gear VR that works with my Samsung S7 phone. Let me tell you, everyone that I've let use it has had their mind's blown. So far their isn't enough great content to keep you wanting to use it (I use it to watch Netflix in my own private theater) but the potential is huge. Just to show folks how it works I've let them watch the video where you are scuba diving in the middle of the ocean. Any direction you turn you see something new and it absolutely feels like you are there, under the sea. The future of games and shows is here and I can't wait to watch.