The Importance of the Watch - a Reflection on Legacy and JORD Wrist Watches

Included in this post about legacy and life is a review of  JORD Watches . I was given a watch to review and share my honest and unbiased thoughts on. There is a giveaway below too!

Included in this post about legacy and life is a review of JORD Watches. I was given a watch to review and share my honest and unbiased thoughts on. There is a giveaway below too!

I have been to A LOT of weddings. As a wedding photographer I get a peek into people's personal lives and I get to see what they hold dear and what items they treasure. Brides will often ask us to take pictures of a handkerchief that belonged to a great grandmother or a clutch of pearls that has been in the family for ages. Brides usually have something of significance that they hold dear and that they want to have with them on the most special day of their life. Grooms don't always have something like that.

When a groom does have something that has sentimental value or holds tradition or legacy, it is almost always a wrist watch. And the wrist watch is often a gift the bride will give to the groom on the wedding day or sometimes a gift a groom gives to his groomsmen. It is almost as if to say, "Here. I am giving you something to now pass on."

While taking pictures of these sentimental heirlooms I have sometimes wondered about my own two sons. I have thought about what it is that I would pass down to them. I do not own anything particularly special that my father gave to me. I do not possess anything from my grandfathers either. I have memories. I have some pictures that I hold dear, but I do not have any particular item. I may actually have that item now though.

When I reached out to JORD Watches it was because I admired their product and was interested in seeing and feeling a watch made of wood. I had fairly recently worked for a furniture company where I grew an appreciation for woodwork, mortise and tenon joinery, and old-school craftsmanship. I thought that a wrist watch made from wood might have a timeless elegance and a unique charm. I was right.

The first thing you notice upon receiving your JORD watch is the attention to detail. The wooden box that the watch arrives in is not a throw away packaging but is something meant to keep - to pass down. The smell of wood hits you as soon as you open the package. The model that I received is the Sawyer in Ebony. It is a striking piece. Initially you don't see that it is made of wood, the black coloring hiding some of the grain. But when you hold the watch in your hand and feel the light weight and the texture, it is unmistakably wood (ebony wood). 

I do believe that there is a strong possibility that one of my sons will be receiving this watch from me in the far future. Watches are symbols of mortality in many ways - our own clock ticking away the finite seconds of our lives. But I believe that that is the main reason a watch is such an ideal heirloom. It had been there chronicling the passage of time for the person who passed the watch on. It is especially that reason why I have always loved self-winding watches too. I've been frustrated in the past when I go through my drawer to put on a watch that I haven't worn in a while and it is "dead". 

The Sawyer watch works very well. You can go to the JORD site to see all of the specifics on the watch but all I want to know is that it will keep time well. They use high quality parts to ensure that it will do just that and I am thankful. Because again, I don't want to be faced with a watch that no longer works - to again be faced with my own mortality. I'd rather my watch always start up with just the motion of my body - an extension of my life and vitality. And when the time comes, I can pass it on to be powered by one of my children's bodies. Now to just figure out which son gets it. 


The good folks at JORD have been kind enough to set up a giveaway for you all. The winner will receive a $75 e-voucher to use on JORD watches. The contest ends on 9/25/16. Click here to enter. Good luck! Hopefully you'll win something that you can pass on to future generations too.