r/dadjokes - Reddit is a Great Source for Dad Humor

It's sooooo bad! 

Reddit, the Great Time Suck

Have you spent much time on Reddit? It's essentially a message boards system that operates on a "survival of the most entertaining" concept. Members, or Redditors as they are called, post something that they think is worth sharing and then other Redditors will either upvote or downvote those posts. The most entertaining posts work their way to the top. 

Well, the subreddit of r/dadjokes is a magical land where the punniest punsters rule. In this particular corner of the great wide web, the worse your dad joke is the more upvotes you get. The joke above for instance: Q: Why is Font Town so crime ridden? A: Because it's Sans Sheriff.  I'm going to go ahead and just mansplain away the humor on this one. It is a particular joke that is in the format of one of those cheesy jokes that you'd find on a Popsicle stick or a 99 cent joke book but the content is pulled from an adults knowledge base. This joke really is specifically geared towards dads! 

Now check out the pure gold that ensues in this message board format: 

and it actually goes on much further!

and it actually goes on much further!

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that all of you cheesy dads out there are in luck because we live in the age of the internet. We have a community that can fully appreciate that fine skill of groan-inducing puns and word play that only fathering children can teach. Go ahead, say cheese!