2016 Father's Day Gift Guide

Well, you can always fall back on a nice tie...

Well, you can always fall back on a nice tie...

Yes, it's very late. This likely won't help you because these gifts won't be able to get to you in the next couple of days. Oh well. Really, I haven't even really promoted this website yet so my lateness is minimally impactful. Still, I am a man of action and so I write this Father's Day Gift Guide for you.


1. Samsung VR - $89.00 - What I originally thought of as a fad has now got me very, very intrigued. The reviews and previews I've seen of the VR headset are really remarkable. I wish I had taken advantage of the deal when they were giving these away with new Samsung S7's. I recently got into Game of Thrones (I know, very late to the game) and I'm already on season 4 and I really wish I could watch the show with some Samsung VR.

2. Kickbike - starting around $300 - Kickbike is a brand name but also the name for this type of bike/scooter hybrid. I love bikes but these things just seem so fun. It'd be perfect for rides around the neighborhood with my kids on their Razor scooters. It'd also be great for commuting and getting to and from the bus.

3. Chef's Knife - $35 - I plan on adding a lot more cooking guides and food related information because I like food. A good chef's knife is a key first step to learning how to cook and being comfortable around a kitchen. I've always had good luck with Henckels knives - they are easy to sharpen and stay sharp, there is good weight balance, and the handles are comfortable. All good things.

4. Kindle Fire - right now it is $40! - Look, I totally understand the concept of the pricing on Amazon's part. It is a variation on the old "razors and blades" pricing strategy where you sell the razor for cheap and then make your money on selling the blades. Amazon wants you to have the Kindle Fire because you'll buy a Prime membership and you'll have the Amazon marketplace at your fingertips. But even knowing that, holy cow is $40 cheap! Get one and figure out how you'll use it later.

5. Some Awesome Luggage - $110 - This is a really, really cool bag from Combatant Gentlemen. The garment bag part is really crucial if you travel with a suit but it is also helpful even with shirts and sweaters. The cool part of the bag is that the garment bag rolls into a carry on weekend bag. This bag increases a dad's cool factor immediately.

So, that's the gift guide for 2016 Father's Day. We'll keep working to get more posts out there. I've got a full time gig for a toy company and I'm also a co-owner and photographer at a thriving wedding photography business. Those duties, along with trying to be an awesome dad, keep me BUSY. We're trying though.