Beyond Erikson and Maslow

Despite the title of this category of articles, this isn't going to be all about basic psych theories. We will be occasionally referencing some of the key players in developmental psychology. People like Freud, Erikson, Maslow, and Piaget have laid the important groundwork for our understanding of how children develop. 

When we critically examine any new articles or studies that come out we will be viewing them through established lenses and frameworks like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This is the theory that in order for humans to fully develop and reach self-actualization, they must first have a progression of needs met. And so when we look at a recent study on child abuse, it is a given that we know why a child's development would be stunted by a feeling of compromised safety. So... now that I've lost you, just know that this section of the blog isn't going to be dumbing stuff down for you.