Play is the Best Way to Learn

Raising kids requires a whole lot of teaching, you know? Like, I get frustrated when I have to load all of my old programs on to a new computer but now I've got to load all of my knowledge on to these two little people. At least my computer doesn't constantly ask, "why?" But, at least my kids don't give me the blue screen of death.

Science is Fun!

Science is Fun!

The more and more research I do, the more and more I realize that play is the best way for kids to develop and learn in the early stages. So in that sense, it really is easy to teach kids stuff. I'm not going to lie, there was a strong sense of pride that my first born was a strong reader at the age of three. The other preschool parents were in shock and flocked around me wondering what I must have done to teach him to read so early. But now, many years later, my second born is four and still not very close to reading. But it's okay and it's mostly okay because he's great at playing.

He goes to preschool and loves playing with the other kids. He's a skilled sharer and is popular with the other preschoolers. This makes me just as proud as my other son's prodigious reading skills and I know that he is learning all that he needs to at this stage. The most important thing at this stage is for my son to develop a lifelong curiosity and enjoyment for learning. There will be plenty of time for him to learn all of the boring stuff. First play a few games of Minesweeper and then start to load up Excel. :)

I will certainly be exploring this topic of play based learning again.