Game Review: Sushi Go!

My family recently went to Hawaii on a wonderful trip to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday.

We knew that we'd need to bring a game along for breaks from beach time and we also knew that we'd have very little room in our luggage for a full-sized board game. So, I picked up Sushi Go!, a game that I'd had my eye on for a while. 

This is a really cute game that is easy to pick up for all levels of game players. Meaning, that if you pull this game out at a family function where the majority of the people have never played this game, then it should only take a quick practice game or two to get everyone in full swing.

The game itself is like rummy and a little bit of old maid. Cards are dealt out to each player and then the player selects one card to keep as their own and to place on their "board". Then the hand is passed to the left and the process is repeated till there are no more cards left in the hands. There are may different ways to score points depending on which types of cards you choose to keep. If you pair up tempura cards you can get 5 points, if you get 3 sashimi cards together you get 10, if you have the most pudding cards you get 6 points, etc. 

The strategy comes in to play once you see what your opponents are going for and what cards you have seen going around in the hands. You can purposefully take a card you don't need just to prevent your opponent from getting it. You can make sure to stick the player to your left with a useless chopstick card at the end of the game too.

Sushi Go! is a fun little game that has been a hit with everyone in my family. Obviously if you like sushi it's even better but even if you can't stand the thought of eating raw fish the game works. This game makes for a great gift for folks to give because it checks off on a lot of key criteria.

The game is inexpensive ($12), fits nicely into a little gift bag, is very cute, and is likely to be enjoyed by the recipient. Winner. Sushi Go! gets a 9 out of 10.
— West Coast Dad Collective