We are a collective of dads that span the west coast of the US. Some of us have been stay-at-home parents, some are single dads, some work 9 to 5 jobs and some work the graveyard shifts. Some of us had great dads growing up and some of us learned by watching episodes of Full House. We have different perspectives and opinions on life but we are all joined by the bond of fatherhood. 

The Dads:


My name is Neal. I'm lucky to have an amazing wife and two awesome sons. They're like, really, really awesome. I can't take full credit for their awesomeness but I deserve just a bit of credit. I started this site to have a place to share a little bit of what worked for me and to also have a place to just write about #dadlife. There's a few other great dads that I've brought along for the ride too. 



I'm Tim. I've got three little girls that keep my hands full. But life is good. More to come. 







I'm Nick. I am a father of two kids living in the L.A. suburbs working full time at an oil refinery. The hours can be brutal, and making time for family is sometimes the last thing on my mind. But somehow, I still manage to make the time. This is a blog for the dad who doesn't have the normal nine to five. The dad that worked Christmas this year, and the year before. You know who you are. You love your kids and you want to do everything you can for them. If only life didn't get in the way. I am your voice. Well at least I want to be...

Hi, I'm Ethan. I believe that parenting, like life, is so often about finding balance – seeking that sweet spot between hovering, helicopter dad and full on free-range detachment. Being the kind of dad I want to be, means setting the stage for my kids such that 90% of my parenting is just getting out of their way. I want to let them interact with each other and the world, learn, try, fail, and grow. The other 10% is made up of schlepping, laundry, cooking (ideally together), and ruthlessly crushing their spirits as I destroy them in games of Monopoly.


Hi!  My name is Matt and I live Los Angeles, CA with my wife and 4 y.o. daughter.  I recently took a coding bootcamp and switched careers to web development (feel free to ask me about it...)!  As a family we enjoy playing games, eating out, and going to Disneyland.  Some of my hobbies are photography, video games, playing guitar, and thinking of new web apps.  I hope to share my joys and struggles of being a dad, and hopefully some helpful parenting tips!


Our plan here

Spawned from long phone conversations that jumped from topics like fantasy baseball to photography to politics to video games to restaurants (all within a framework of parenting somehow), we thought maybe others would like to join in on this weird conversation we were having. As we strive for the unattainable goal of being perfect parents maybe we can share some of the trials and tribulations of such a fool-hardy prospect. We've picked up some other dads along the way as we formed a collective - a resource of pooled knowledge wrapped in dad humor.